Humboldt County's Own Purple Maxx 1 Gal available at Grow Society for $250.00.

Humboldt County's Own Purple Maxx 1 Gal

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The name says it all. A product so incredible it couldn’t be invented on purpose but had to be discovered by accident. It was originally called Stacker because the inventor was trying to develop a natural based cocktail that would “stack” flowers tightly along stems. As fate would have it, two testers out in the hills happened to spray it on their plants and saw a change they had never seen before. The owner decided to rename it Purple Maxx.

Humboldt County growers are a tightly knit society so word quickly spread. Within 2 weeks we went from giving away 4 oz. samples to selling cases of gallons. Bill Graham from Micro Hydro in San Francisco heard about it, bought everything we had and spread the word down south. Sunlight Supply heard about it, bought it and took it nationwide. It all happened in two months.

Purple Maxx will improve color development in many strains with purple genetics.

Many growers delay harvest waiting for better color development and end up with brown rot inside their flowers. Why take a chance. Don’t wait and hope. Make it happen.

Stimulates crystal, resin and fragrance development.

Soil Usage: Use 1 tsp/gallon of water beginning 2-3 weeks before harvest. For some strains, increase to 2-3 tsp/gallon for extreme intensification. Best to continue through flush if you are flushing.

Hydro Usage: Same as Soil.

Foliar: For some strains, foliar is more effective and sometimes works quicker. Use 1 tsp/gallon 2-3 times per week. Spray lightly using the finest mist possible- do not wet flowers. Can increase to 2 tsp/gallon if desired.

Not sure if Purple Maxx is for you? Buy an 8 oz. bottle and foliar spray about 3-4 weeks before harvest. Spray daily for 3-4 days. Darkening should be apparent by the 4th day.

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