Humboldt County's Own Killer Tea 5 Gal available at Grow Society for $139.26.

Humboldt County's Own Killer Tea 5 Gal

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There’s a common misconception that the purpose of brewing a tea is to create a soup of beneficial bacteria that aids the roots and improves plant growth. To some extent, that’s true.

In fact, what gives a tea its real kick are the growth factors produced by the bacteria.

It’s the by-products of the bacteria more than the bacteria themselves that makes the magic.

Once a tea begins to stink, the potent growth factors have passed their peak and have begun breaking down. We discovered that by careful timing we could stop the process when the potency was peaking so there’s no more foul disgusting odor. You can smell the difference.

A Different Kind of Tea

Made from potent seabird and bat guano PLUS pure worm castings – not cheap worm compost. We spent 2 years testing every pure worm casting we could find and discovered that the type of worm makes a drastic difference. Growth factors excreted in the castings make our tea different.

  • Ready-to-use. Makes tea brewing obsolete
  • 100% natural
  • Long shelf life

Improves plant growth at all stages.

Soil, hydro, clones: Use 1 oz. or more per gallon. In late bloom or during flush dose can be increased for exaggerated “swell”.

  • Can be used with all cloning media including EZ Cloners, won’t clog emitters. For best results use with Deep Breath at 1 tsp/gallon.
  • Great for rooted cuttings. For best results use with Deep Breath as above.
  • Use during veg with Deep Breath to shorten the cycle.
  • Use during bloom with Snow Storm to improve fragrance, increase resinous oils and stimulate obscene trichome production on flowers and leaves. Seeing is believing.

Largest pumpkin in Humboldt County history grown with Killer Tea.

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