Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 v4.0 (5' x 5' x 85") available at Grow Society for $500.00.
Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 v4.0 (5' x 5' x 85") available at Grow Society for $500.00.
Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 v4.0 (5' x 5' x 85")
Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 v4.0 (5' x 5' x 85")

Secret Jardin Dark Room 150 v4.0 (5' x 5' x 85")

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Introducing the Secret Jardin Revision 4.0 Dark Room!

The same great quality you have come to expect from Secret Jardin, now with new and improved features! New webbing for better light proofing (level 3) plus light tight zippers, more robust fabric (210M), socks for cool tubes, newly engineered corners in polypropylene, stronger equipment tubes, the washable material inside & out plus a waterproof mylar tray!

Secret Jardin: Better Quality, Easy Assembly

Secret Jardin Dark Room 4.0 is a self-contained garden enclosure built out of reinforced aluminum with waterproof, durable, washable lining and highly reflective thermal film in the interior. This thermal film is 95% reflective and provides 97% insulating protection. Easy access to your plants and gardening equipment with a full-sized zippered door on the front. The innovative socks & ports allow you to attach fans, filters or ducting to both sides of the Dark Room DR150 tent wall without clamps or reducers. Mini Dual-Sock Ports are built in for your power cords and hydro tubing too. The upper cross members are adjustable so you can easily position lighting and equipment where you want it. Dark Room materials are non-toxic so there are no harmful gasses to damage sensitive plants!

Revision 4.0 Dark Room Features:
  • High light proofing (level 3)
  • 95% reflective mylar
  • New engineered corners manufactured out of polypropylene
  • Strong equipment tubes to support and hang accessories/fixtures
  • Compatible with most hydroponic systems
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • 2 250mm Ducting Ports& Connectors
  • 2 70mm Electrical Ports
  • New 210M fabric: 2.5X tear strength and 3X abrasion
  • Material is washable - Inside and Outside
  • Material is light and compact for easy portability
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle.


  • Complete, full color, Illustrated Instructions
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Bag
  • 1x Pair StrapIT - Strap for filter
  • 1x Pair HookIT - Hooks for lighting
  • 20x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets
  • 1x PocketIT - Tools pouch with adjustable height
  • 1x Space Booster
Revision 4.0 Dark Room Advantages:
  • Supports 110lbs of equipment on the roof cross members
  • Improved lighting performance
  • Prevents light from escaping or entering during light cycles
  • Movable upper cross members for easy lighting / accessory adjustment
  • Flooring, interior AND exterior walls are washable to prevent odor buildup
  • Durable, light-proof zippers

Suggested Lighting: Ideal for a 1000W HID light system. If you're using HID lighting, sufficient ventilation must be used to exhaust heat.


Dimensions as Assembled

59.06 x 59.06 x 85.43 Inches, 150 x 150 x 217 Centimeters
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