Planning to Set Up a Grow Tent: Here's What You Need to Know

Cannabis in a grow tent

Not everyone lives in the best growing conditions for plants, especially for marijuana plants. Since these are very delicate plant life, it’s necessary to cater to their need to ensure a bountiful harvest.

There are numerous ways to replicate the ideal conditions for growing marijuana, ranging from hydroponics to indoor gardening. One particular plant growing method can save you as much space as possible while providing you with a greater yield in a compact area. This method is through using grow tents.

What are grow tents?

A grow tent allows you to grow marijuana seeds in any environmental condition in a state of perpetual harvest. It contains reflective walls, built-in waterproofing, air-tight vents, and is quick and easy to set up. Installing a grow tent is a lot like setting up a traditional camping tent, only with the benefit of growing marijuana in a few months.

Its compact nature makes it easy to store and hide, preventing odor and light from escaping within it. This allows you to tuck it within a big closet or a corner of your room with ease. A grow tent’s compact size makes it relatively cheap, with an average price ranging from $70 to $150.

How do I buy the right grow tent?

Your spatial limitations and budget are the two factors you need to consider when buying a grow tent. Like any indoor garden, you need to ensure that you have the right amount of vertical and horizontal space available to fit your plant’s needs. The larger the tent, the more expensive it will be.

You must determine how much space you have by limiting what your scope is. For example, a single cannabis plant can fit within a 2x2 tent. It needs that much space since it has to undergo topping, trimming, and stress training to ensure that it can grow nicely in the right conditions. However, some growers can choose a grow tent as wide as a 5x5.

Ideally, it’s best to give each plant you own 4 square feet of growing space from each. Growers typically start with four plants in a 3x3 width when growing their harvest, especially when they’re starting with seedlings.

What's the advantage of using a grow tent?

Grow tents let you recreate the right natural conditions that are ideal for growing marijuana, from lighting to airflow. Unlike renovating your living spaces for a full-fledged growing room, grow tents take care of several issues that cannabis plants need for survival. It’s excellent for beginners who only have basic equipment, making it compatible for most growing situations.

Its light-proofing feature ensures that your cannabis experiences as much protection from light for developing buds. Unlike a DIY lighting solution, a grow tent’s seamless light proofing eliminates your lighting issues. Lastly, its waterproof floor is easy to clean even when you have water leaks from your pots. This makes it simple to clean without setting up vinyl laminate for your flooring.


Sometimes, the best way to experience marijuana is to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. Many hobbyists consider using grow tents to expand their stash for personal use and business opportunities. With the right tools and a dedicated mindset, anyone can grow their personal batch under the right conditions.

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