How Does Humidity Affect the Quality of Your Cannabis?


Many factors come into play when it comes to the proper storage of cannabis. For example, the storage container you choose has to maintain the right moisture and humidity at all times. Otherwise, too much moisture might enter and promote mold growth, negatively affecting the quality of the cannabis inside.

On the other hand, your cannabis may dry up if too little moisture is in your chosen container. This is why it is of utmost importance to maintain the relative humidity (RH) level inside whatever container you choose to lengthen the shelf life of your cannabis.

The right balance between the ambient humidity and relative humidity should be maintained to ensure the quality of your cannabis. This might sound a little complicated, but the good news is that you can follow some essential tips to make it easy.

How Humidity Affects the Quality of Your Cannabis

The ideal humidity inside a container of cannabis should be 62 percent. This humidity level will ensure that the cannabis will not lose too much of its moisture while inside the container. It will also prevent any mold from forming on the cannabis.

Keeping your cannabis in the ideal conditions will ensure that its quality will be maintained, which is especially important if you plan to store your cannabis for an extended period. 

How to Store Your Cannabis

Here are a few useful tips to ensure you meet the proper conditions to lengthen the shelf life of your cannabis. Following these tips will guarantee that your stock of cannabis remains fresh for weeks or even months.

1 - Proper Air Control

It is important to restrict the amount of air that you let come into contact with your cannabis. To do this, you can limit the times you open your airtight containers.

2 - Protect It from Light

The overall quality of your cannabis will suffer if it is exposed to too much sunlight. The UV rays in the sunlight may have an adverse effect on the quality of your cannabis, causing it to dry and lose its potency. Storing your container in a place that away from direct sunlight will help maintain the proper conditions.

3 - Use Airtight Containers

Finally, you may use airtight, plastic containers or sealable glass jars to ensure your cannabis stays fresh. This lets you maintain the ideal environment for your cannabis and keeps it away from moisture and other contaminants.


Marijuana’s medical use is now widely accepted. However, for a person to get the maximum effects and benefits from cannabis, it has to stay fresh. Now that you are aware of how to properly store your cannabis, you can better ensure that your cannabis will remain in good condition for longer.

There are specialized stores that sell containers specifically made for this purpose. Finding a specialty store will help you maintain the quality of your cannabis. You will never have to worry again about your stock of weed going bad because you will be able to store it properly.

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